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Our menu is Pan Asian - spanning most of Southeast Asia. We update the menu twice a year to take advantage of the freshest seasonal ingredients.  Whenever possible, we like to purchase from local vendors and farmers. Our chef, Jimmy Liang, is classically trained in the European cooking style.  He has worked at many of the most prestigious restaurants in the area including the Herb Farm. His philosophy is to start with using the freshiest of ingredients, then build each dish with passion, and serve it up with pride! 

Fresh Sheet

Lunch Menu

Chili Spiced Calamari (GFO) 10.5
Sichuan pepper salt, onions, lime dipping sauce  
Chicken Lettuce Wrap (GFO) 9.5
Wood mushroom, chestnut, spiced tofu  
Indonesian Corn Fritter 8.5
Famous street snack, spicy sweet soy dip  
Pork and Chive Potstickers 9-
Pan fried or steamed, black vinegar dip  
Chicken Satay (GFO) 9.25
Marinated in spices, coconut milk, peanut sauce  
Soup of the Day 3- / 8-
Chef’s choice featuring seasonal ingredients  
Chicken & Coconut Milk Soup (GFO) 9.5
Mushrooms, galangal, grape tomatoes, spices  
Terra Salad (GF) 8.5
Field greens, crispy yam chips, miso-ginger vinaigrette  
Grilled Chopped Chicken Salad 10-
Summer vegetables, peanuts, sesame honey vinaigrette  
(served with soup or salad and rice)  
Heaven & Earth (GFO) 12-
Gulf Prawns, chicken, BBQ Pork, sugar snap peas  
Sweet and Sour Pork 11-
Classic Cantonese dish, with lychee and pineapple  
Grilled Kurobuta Pork Shoulder 11.5
Vermicelli noodles, herb salad, nuoc cham  
Dylan's Pork Belly Love (GFO) 11-
Chef Dylan's spice blend, pickled vegetables  
Sweet Basil Beef (GFO) 11.25
Sirloin steak, string beans, bell peppers, lotus root, mushroom  
Mongolian Scallion Beef (GFO) 12-
Tender flank steak, scallion, chili spicy soy  
Tangerine Beef (GFO) 12-
Modern take on a classic dish, Chef Ma's signature sauce  
Kalbi Short Ribs  12.75
Grilled Korean style, ginger-soy marinade  
Rama Delight 11-
Sauteed spinach, chicken slices, creamy peanut sauce  
Beef and Broccoli 11.5
Flank steak, ginger oyster sauce over broccoli  
Curry Red (GFO) 11-
Chicken, kobacha squash, toasted peanuts  
Sesame Honey Chicken (GF) 11.25
Free range chicken breast, sesame, honey  
Kung Pao Chicken (GFO) 11-
Free Range chicken breast, peanuts, scallion, chili, spicy soy  
Spicy Chicken with Black Bean Sauce (GFO) 10.5
Basil, bell peppers, Chinese broccoli  
Crispy Drunken Chicken (GFO) 11.25
Free range chicken breast, spicy yuzu (Japanese citrus)  
Carmelized Tiger Prawns (GFO) 12.75
Garlic, sweet onions, string beans, chili sambal  
Lohan Delight (GFO) 11-
Fresh seasonal vegetables, cellophane noodles, five spice tofu  
Pineapple-Prawn Fried Rice (GFO) 11.5
Gulf prawns, fresh roasted pineapple, fresh herbs, sesame soy  
Terra Rice (GFO) 11-
Prawns, BBQ pork, chicken, basil, fried shallot  
Fragrance Fried Rice (GFO) 10.25
Sirloin steak, lemongrass, chili herbs  
Empress Chow Mein (GFO) 11-
Prawns, BBQ pork, Shanghai bok choy  
Thai Rice Noodle (GFO) 11.5
Prawns, peanuts, basil, mint, tamarind lime sauce  
Emerald Fire Noodle (GFO) 10.5
Chili sambal, yakisoba noodles, flank steak, fresh herbs  
Wokked Shanghai Noodle 11.5
Roast duck, prawns, spinach, spicy black bean sauce  
Terra Jewels 17-
1st course - Coconut Soup with Prawns  
2nd course - (choice of) Caramelized Tiger Prawns, Crispy Drunken Chicken or Wok Tossed Beef Medallions  
3rd course - Chocolate Panna Cotta  

Dinner Menu

Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crepe) 12-
Prawns, pork belly, fresh herbs, nuoc cham dipping sauce  
Chicken Lettuce Wrap  (GFO) 10-
Wood ear mushroom, water chestnut, spiced tofu  
Kalbi Short Ribs 12.5
Korean style grilled short ribs, ginger-soy marinade  
Pork and Chive Potstickers 9.5
Pan fried or steamed, black vinegar dip  
Indonesian Corn Fritter 9-
Famous street snack, spicy sweet soy  
Dylan Pork Belly Love  (GFO) 10.5
Rubbed w/ Chef Dylan’s spice blend, pickled vegetables, yam chips  
Chili Spiced Calamari  (GFO) 10.5
Sichuan pepper salt, onions, lime dipping sauce  
Vegetarian Spring Rolls 8.5
Filling of cabbage, carrots, and clery, with tamarind ketchup dip  
Chicken Satay  (GFO) 9.25
Fennel, coriander, coconut milk, spicy peanut sauce  
Spiced Chicken Wings  (GFO) 9.5
Scallion, garlic, chili, house-made five spice salt, Sichuan pepper  
Five Treasures Hot and Sour Soup 10.5
Wood ear mushrooms, lily buds, five spice and soft tofu, BBQ pork  
Chicken & Coconut Milk Soup  (GFO) 10.5
Shitake, galangal, organic cherry tomatoes  
Chopped Grilled Chicken Salad 10.75
Seasonal vegetables, toasted peanuts, sesame honey vinaigrette  
Terra Salad 9.25
Field greens, crispy yam chips, miso-ginger vinaigrette  
Painted Hills Beef Medallions 19-
Braised shitake mushrooms, sweet onions, rau ram  
Sweet Basil Beef  (GFO) 16-
Long beans, lotus, shitake, bell pepper, sweet basil, chili  
Mongolian Beef  (GFO) 17-
Tender flank steak slices, string beans, chili spicy soy  
Tangerine Beef  (GFO) 17.5
Crispy flank steak slices, fresh citrus peels, Chef Ma's signature sauce  
Beef & Broccoli 16-
Sliced flank steak with ginger oysters sauce over a bed of sauteed broccoli  
 Chicken With Black Bean Sauce (GFO) 14.5
 Chicken breast slices, gai lon, house-made black bean sauce   
Drunken Chicken (GFO) 15-
Chicken breast pieces, wok tossed with spicy yuzu (japanese citrus)   
Kung Pao Chicken  (GFO) 14.5
Free range chicken breast, peanuts, scallion, chili soy  
Curry Red  (GFO) 14-
Chicken, home-made curry, kabocha squash, toasted peanuts  
Sesame Honey Chicken  (GFO) 14.5
Chicken breast cubes, seasame honey sauce, seasame seeds  
Terra Red Duck  (GF) 27-
Lavender crusted, truffle yam mash, rhubarb-sour cherry compote  
Sweet and Sour Pork 15.75
Classic Cantonese dish, with lychee and pineapple  
Five Spice Pork Tenderloin  (GFO) 17.75
Yukon Golds, roasted peanuts, cherry tomatoes, coconut milk  
Heaven and Earth  (GFO) 17.5
Wokked gulf prawns, chicken, roast pork, sugar snap peas  
Caramelized Spicy Tiger Prawns  (GFO) 18.5
Garlic, sweet onions, string bean, chili sambal  
Candied Walnut Prawns  (GF) 19-
Honey peach sauce, house-made candied walnuts  
Rama Delight 14.5
Sauteed spinach, tender chicken slices, creamy peanut sauce  
Wok Seared Spiced Lamb 19.5
Thinly sliced boneless lamb leg, cumin, cilantro, Sichuan sauce  
Terra Rice  (GFO) 12-
Prawns, BBQ Pork, chicken, basil, fried shallots  
Fragrant Fried Rice  (GFO) 11.5
Sirloin steak, lemongrass, chili, herbs  
Pineapple-Prawn Fried Rice 13.75
Gulf prawns, fresh roasted pineapple, fresh herbs, sesame soy  
Empress Chow Mein 12.5
Prawns, BBQ Pork, chicken, Shanghai bok choy  
Emerald Fire Noodle 12-
Chili sambal, yakisoba noodles, flank steak, fresh herbs  
Thai Rice Noodle  (GFO) 12.5
Tiger prawns, peanuts, basil, mint, tamarind lime sauce  
Shanghai Noodle 12.5
Roast duck, prawns, spinach, spicy black bean sauce  
Lohan Delight  (GFO) 12.5
Fresh vegetables, cellophane noodles, five spice tofu, garlic wine sauce  
Broccoli with Garlic Wine Sauce  (GFO) 6.5
Si Chuan String Beans  (GFO) 6.5
Hearts of Baby Bok Choy  (GFO) 5.5
Terra Delight  (GFO) 5.5
Cucumber Salad 4-
Wok-Tossed Garlic Noodles 5.5
Brown Rice 3-
Jasmine Rice 2-
Chinese Donuts 5.5
Crispy fritter rolled in sugar & cinnamon, passionfruit curl  
Deep Fried Ice Cream 7-
with marionberry & passion fruit compote  
Banana Bread Pudding 7-
With golden raisins, amaretto caramel sauce  
Chocolate Panna Cotta  (GFO) 6-
With house-made whipped cream, seasonal fruit  
Chai Delight 9-
Single Silo Chai Vodka, organic chai tea, cream, served hot or cold  
Rosemary Bliss 9
Halcyon organic gin (WA), rosemary syrup, lime, club soda, Prosecco  
Pomegranate Martini 9-
Absolut Hibiscus & Pomegranate vodka, fresh lime, POM juice  
Terratini 9.5
Pineapple, ginger infused Yazi vodka & fresh lime, pineapple juice  
Asian Pear Martini 9.5
Absolut Pear, Sake, elderflower liqueur, pear puree, pineapple juice  
Passion Belini 8.5
Prosecco, peach schnapps, passion fruit puree  
Lychee Martini 9-
Absolut Vodka, lychee fruit  
Crimson Crush 9-
Belvedere Grapefruit, hibiscus syrup, elderflower liqueur, grapefruit  
Manny Pale Ale 5-
Sapporo 5-
Scuttlebutt IPA 5-
Mac & Jack Amber 5-
Dead Frog Brown Ale 5-
Seasonal 5-
Tsing Tao 5-
Heineken 4-
Corona 4-
Coors 4-
Coors Lite 4-
Kaliber (non alcoholic) 4-
Chai Tea (served hot or cold) 4-
Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite /   Juice 2-
Coffee 3-
Perrier 3-
Ice Tea 2-
2820 Hewitt Ave   
Everett WA 98201   
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Happy Hour

We invite you to join us Monday through Friday 3pm - 6pm for happy hour!

Our three dollar and Five dollar dishes at Happy Hour include: Chicken Satay, Indonesian Corn Fritters, Pork and Chive Potstickers, Spiced Chicken Wings, Chili Spiced Calamari & more!