Chef’s Corner

To sauce or not sauce?

Here's a question we often get: "Can I get this dish made more saucy?" or "Can you bring me a side of this sauce?" halfway through the dish. To most people this seems like an simple request.  But here at Terracotta Red it's a bit more complicated.  The reason is twofold:

No vats

First of all, our sauces do not come out of a large vat, where we can just scoop it up and serve.  The base sauce is usually a number of fresh raw ingredients, chopped and blended in microbatches. 

Then that base sauce is incorporated with the other main ingredients, layer by layer, until we arive at the final product.  This cooking technique is called "caramelization" and it usually results in a dish that has a sauce that is dryer in style, but super flavorful and intense. 

This is a sharp contrast to the runnier (chop-suey) style of gravy sauce.  Therefore to make more of a sauce after the dish is served, would mean to go through the whole process of cooking that dish over - not so practical. 

Keeping it real

The second reason is authenticity.  When we think about contructing a dish, we think of creating it in a way that stays true to the way that it was designed by our head chef Jimmy. It's not that we don't aim to please and take into account our customers special request, but it's just not true to our original vision of how that dish should be served - and without that consideration we start to lose our identity and consistency.

We love our customers and pay close attention to their requests. We also consider how to make our unique form of dining the most meaningful to the north end dining scene - to that end we'll continue to balance our customer's expectations with what we consider to be universally excellent modern asian cuisine.

Are you a saucer or not a saucer? Sound off in the comments on this blog post. (Don't worry, you won't hurt our feelings...probably.)


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